Details Of OPTIMO HP

  • OPTIMO HP is a high protein formula for hyper-catabolic (excessive metabolic breakdown of protein) patients.
  • OPTIMO HP contains 43% high biological value protein with PDCAAS-1 which helps in preventing
    the nitrogen loss during illness.
  • OPTIMO HP contains low GI carbohydrate, which is safe for diabetic patients.
  • OPTIMO HP contains DHA for normal brain function.
  • OPTIMO HP contains inositol which helps in nourishment of brain and prevents diabetic
  • OPTIMO HP contains fiber inulin which helps in nutrient absorption & helps in maintaining
    triglyceride & cholesterol level.
  • OPTIMO HP contains L-Carnitine which plays a critical role in energy production.
  • OPTIMO HP is Ideal for oral and enteral feeding.
  • OPTIMO HP is available in delicious Vanilla

How To use OPTIMO HP

Serving size of OPTIMO HP is 25g (2 scoops) in 100ml which gives 92.25 kcal ,10.75 gm protein and 11.12 gm of carbohydrate.


  • OPTIMO HP contains 43% HBV Protein, L-Carnitine & fiber inulin.
  • OPTIMO HP is formulated with advanced spray dry technology

OPTIMO HP is a high quality, whey based protein formula for muscle development. It is enriched with antioxidants & fibre. High Protein supplement, 43% high quality whey protein. Highest Biological Value & Highest Protein Bioavailability Rapidly digested than other protein Enhances immune function by increasing Glutathione levels Reduces Oxidative stress & muscle fatigue Contains Dietary fiber & all soluble fibres as hydrolysed gum acacia Beneficial in lowering cholesterol & blood glucose control Good for Gastrointestinal health. Provides 25 Vitamins & Minerals Suitable for Diabetics Lactose, trans fat & gluten free. Safe for oral & enteral feed.Muscle building and whey protin powder Optiomo HP

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