Details Of OPTIMO Renal

  1. OPTIMO renal is a formula designed as per KDOQI guideline for nephropathy patients, who are not on dialysis.
  2. OPTIMO renal is a calorie dense formula and provides 2kcal/ml.
  3. OPTIMO renal contains HBV protein with PDCAAS-1 in low amount to reduce the work load of kidney.
  4. OPTIMO renal requires minimal fluid for dilution.
  5. OPTIMO renal contains low electrolytes to maintain the blood pH.
  6. OPTIMO renal contains L-carnitine which improves physical functions & plays a critical role in energy production.
  7. OPTIMO renal contains FOS for maintaining gut integrity
  8. OPTIMO renal is available in vanilla flavor.
  9. OPTIMO renal is Ideal for oral and enteral feeding.

How To use OPTIMO Renal

Serving size of OPTIMO renal is 25g in 40 ml of water, which will give 120kcal , 2.25 gm of protein & 16.70 gm of carbohydrate.


1. OPTIMO Renal is a calorie dense formula.
2. OPTIMO Renal is Vitamin A & K free.
3. OPTIMO Renal has very low electrolytes.
4. OPTIMO Renal is prepared from Spray Dry Technology.

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