OPTIMO DM is balanced nutrition for diabetic care. OPTIMO DM has been specially designed according to the guidelines of the American Diabetic Association (ADA). It is scientifically formulated with sustain release energy formula to help manage blood glucose levels and support weight management. Helps supports heart and digestive health. High quality whey protein & contains sucralose Enriched with Fibersol 2. Provides 27 Vitamins and Minerals. Lactose, Trans fat and gluten free. Safe for oral and enteral feed. This is very good Product.Its Very Usefull good about your daily habits. Manage your weight. Lactose, trans fat and gluten free.


OPTIMO HP is a high quality, whey based protein formula for muscle development. It is enriched with antioxidants & fibre. High Protein supplement, 43% high quality whey protein. Highest Biological Value & Highest Protein Bioavailability Rapidly digested than other protein Enhances immune function by increasing Glutathione levels Reduces Oxidative stress & muscle fatigue Contains Dietary fiber & all soluble fibres as hydrolysed gum acacia Beneficial in lowering cholesterol & blood glucose control Good for Gastrointestinal health. Provides 25 Vitamins & Minerals Suitable for Diabetics Lactose, trans fat & gluten free. Safe for oral & enteral feed.


OPTIMO SLIM is a meal replacement formula used for weight management and bariatric diet management coupled with controlled dietary habits, lifestyle changes and exercise. It is a high protein, low fat, fiber enriched formula for weight management. Research studies have shown that consuming purple tea over a consistent period of time will help you to reduce body weight, abdominal fat, body fat radio prior to ingestion. It has also been shown to lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. This smart tea is extremely high in antioxidants, so you can feel good about your daily habits. Manage your weight. Lactose, trans fat and gluten free.


Optimo BN is a polymeric formula that provides 1 kcal/ml.
Optimo BN is balance nutrition of 5 elements: Protein, Carbohydrate, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. Optimo BN provides high biological value protein with PDCASS-1 (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score). Optimo BN provides carbohydrate in the form of sucrose for instant energy & protein sparing effect. Optimo BN contains fiber for maintaining normal glucose level & increasing satiety. Optimo BN contains FOS to maintain gut integrity & for better immunity. Optimo BN contains Inulin for maintaining normal glucose level & better nutrient absorption. Optimo BN is Ideal for oral and enteral feeding. Optimo BN is indicated for malnutrition, convalescence, critical illness, and involuntary weight loss patients and hospitalized patients to meet the energy requirements


Optimo Hepatic is a specially designed formula as per ESPEN guidelines for liver patients. Optimo Hepatic is calorie dense formula which provides 1.75kcal/ml. Optimo Hepatic is the first diabetic friendly hepatic formula as it contains low glycemic index carbohydrate. Optimo Hepatic contains BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which get synthesizedin the muscle. Optimo Hepatic contains fiber for better nutrient absorption & FOS for maintenance of gut integrity. Optimo Hepatic requires minimal water for its dilution. So it will help in patients suffering from ascites or water retention. Optimo Hepatic contains low sodium to avoid water retention. Optimo Hepatic is indicated for acute liver failure, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, alcoholic liver disease. Optimo Hepatic is available in vanilla flavor. Optimo Hepatic is Ideal for oral & enteral feeding


Optimo 2.25 is a complete enteral nutrition formula for Protein Energy Malnutrition. Optimo 2.25 is a calorie dense formula with 2.25 Kcal/ml. Optimo 2.25 provides 35% high biological value with PDCAAS-1. Optimo 2.25 contains fat in the form of MCT as it gets absorb through the portal veins. Optimo 2.25 contains low GI carbohydrates which are safe for diabetic patients. Optimo 2.25 requires minimal water for its dilution. Optimo 2.25 contains low electrolytes. Serving size is 50g in 60 ml of water which gives 232.50 kcal,17.50 gm of protein & 20 gm carbohydrate. Optimo 2.25 is available in vanilla flavor. Optimo 2.25 is Ideal for oral and enteral feeding. Optimo 2.25 is indicated for Critical Illness / Patients on mechanical ventilation, Malabsorption Syndrome / Surgery / Trauma / COPD, Dialysis, Cancer Cachexia. Optimo 2.25 is a calorie dense formula with 2.25 Kcal/ml.