Details Of OPTIMO DM

  • OPTIMO DM is Balanced nutrition for diabetic patients to reduce fluctuating blood sugar levels formulated under guidelines of the American Diabetic Association
  • OPTIMO DM has high biological value protein with PDCASS-1.
  • OPTIMO DM contains fiber sol 2 for sustain energy release.
  • OPTIMO DM contains complex & low GI carbohydrate.
  • OPTIMO DM contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for cardiac health.
  • OPTIMO DM contains the following important nutrients which will take care of diabetic stress:
           •OPTIMO DM Contains L-Carnitine which improve insulin sensitivity and over all blood glucose level.
           • OPTIMO DM Contains L-Taurine which is a hypoglycemic agent.
           • OPTIMO DM Contains Inositol which helps in preventing diabetic neuropathy and nourishing brain.
            • OPTIMO DM Contains Alphalipoic Acid, as you know it is a potent antioxidant and improves insulin sensitivity.
           • OPTIMO DM Contains FOS helps maintain gut integrity and boosts immunity.
          • OPTIMO DM Contains Fibers, an important ingredient to lower blood cholesterol levels, and maintains glucose metabolism.
  • OPTIMO DM isIdeal for oral and enteral feeding.
  • OPTIMO DM is best indicated for: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Stress induced hyperglycemia and Gestational Diabetes.
  • OPTIMO DM is available in delicious Vanilla

How To use OPTIMO DM

  • Serving size is 50g i.e. 4 scoops OPTIMO DM in 200ml which gives 215.5 kcal,10 gm protein & 30 gm of carbohydrate.
  • OPTIMO DM contains 5 essential trace elements.


  • OPTIMO DM contains Fiber sol 2 for sustain energy release which is available in very low amount in other brands & in most of the brands it is not available.
  • OPTIMO DM is prepared by Spray Dry Technology.
  • OPTIMO DM is safe for Gestational Diabetes
  • OPTIMO DM contains high fiber from fenugreek source.
  • OPTIMO DM is enriched with 5 essential trace elements.

OPTIMO DM is balanced nutrition for diabetic care. OPTIMO DM has been specially designed according to the guidelines of the American Diabetic Association (ADA). It is scientifically formulated with sustain release energy formula to help manage blood glucose levels and support weight management. Helps supports heart and digestive health. High quality whey protein & contains sucralose Enriched with Fibersol 2. Provides 27 Vitamins and Minerals. Lactose, Trans fat and gluten free. Safe for oral and enteral feed. This is very good Product.Its Very Usefull good about your daily habits. Manage your weight. Lactose, trans fat and gluten free. Optimo DM Best diabetes management and diabetic protein powder

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